Winners to our Letters to Santa Giveaway + Holiday Hours

As you can imagine, Santa had quite a few letters to read. He was quite taken by the number of handwritten letters that came in this year. It was a welcome sight for his old eyes.

Thank you to everyone who sent us a letter to forward to Santa. The jolly old elf was overjoyed at reading your notes.

Santa said it was difficult to choose just one letter as the winner of the giveaway. So many of you wrote such lovely letters! After much contemplation, he gave us the one letter that was picked as the winner.

The lucky winner of the Letters to Santa Giveaway is Kata from Canada! Congratulations! Santa will be on his way to pick up the pen she wished for, the Sailor Pro Gear Four Seasons "Winter" fountain pen.

We also picked our 5 runner ups that will receive a Goldspot Prize Pack, which includes the one prize pack we set aside for the Rafflecopter giveaway we were running on social media. The winners are :

  • Karen J.
  • Susan J.
  • Ken A.
  • Alec P.
  • Jeff L. (our Rafflecopter winner)

These winners will be receiving the items pictured below :

If you're curious to know what all the good little boys and girls asked for as their top Christmas wish pen, here are some observations :

Most boys and girls wished for a Visconti pen over all other brands. The #1 most wished-for pen was a Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen.

Pelikan came in a close second, OMAS third & fourth place shared by Pilot & Sailor.

Other notable pens that were asked for :

  • OMAS Arco Brown Celluloid - in the Ogiva & Arte Italiana styles
  • Pelikan M1000
  • Visconti Divina Elegance
  • Pilot Vanishing Point Raden
  • Pelikan M805 Stresemann
  • Namiki Yukari Moonlight

Thank you again to everyone who wrote in. This was quite an enjoyable giveaway that we most likely will be running next year as well.

We hope everyone will be enjoying family & friends this holiday season. Our office will be closed early on Christmas Eve, December 24th. We will be closed on Friday, Christmas Day, and will resume business on Monday, December 28th. We will also be closed on Friday, January 1st.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa & Happy New Year! Best of health, happiness and fortune to you all!


It's Not Easy Being Green - the New Lamy AL-Star Charged Green

Lamy introduces the "Charged Green" AL-Star for 2016!!!

Another green? Do we need another green in what seems like a never-ending procession of green Safaris and AL-Stars?

Does Germany have waaay too much green pen "batter" laying around that they need to use before it goes bad?

As many Lamy fans and collectors know in their hearts, the color won't matter much, it's a new Safari / Al-Star, and Charged Green must be assimilated into the Lamy collective.

So, what makes "Charged" Green different from any other green? See our photos below.

(From Left to Right) : Lamy Safari Neon Green (2015), Lamy Al-Star Charged Green (2016), Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Green (2015), Lamy Safari Apple Green (2012, 2016), Pilot Vanishing Point Metallic Green (2014), Lamy Al-Star Bluegreen (2014, 2016).

As you can see, the Charged Green has a mix of yellow that gives it an "underripe golden delicious apple" look. It's not nearly as saturated as the Apple Green, which is being reintroduced to the Safari lineup this year. It is also not as eye-stingingly bright as last year's Neon Lime.

In this shot, we see the Charged Green laid over the other greens to get more of a direct comparison. What are your feelings on this green? Write your opinions below in the comments.

The Lamy Al-Star Charged Green will become available early 2016, along with the re-issue of the Al-Star Blue Green, Safari Apple Green and the new Safari Dark Lilac. We will have more information on those new Lamy releases as they come to us. To be the first to know about these pens, subscribe to our blog.


Introducing the Exclusive Goldspot + Jinhao 599A

Hi Pen Pals,

If you've ordered from us in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a little surprise in your package of pen goods. The Goldspot elves have been toiling for many long hours picking, packing and shipping your orders. We all wanted to say "thanks" for your support with a special gift we sprinkled in a number of our shipments.

Meet the Goldspot Pens + Jinhao 599A Demonstrator Fountain Pen

For those who are unfamiliar with this model of fountain pen, it is originally produced by Jinhao, a well-known Chinese pen manufacturer that has a reputation for inexpensive, quality pens. The model may look familiar to those who know the Lamy Safari / Vista pen line.

Our variation on this pen is that the Jinhao branding has been removed and replaced with our own. The Goldspot Logo is written on the barrel and the Goldspot "G" is engraved into the stainless steel nib.

In case you've never written with a fountain pen before, we've made this handy video to give you an overview of the Jinhao pen, complete with instructions on how to fill it, write with it and proper maintenance to ensure you'll be enjoying this pen for years to come.

Check our video on Discovering the Jinhao 599A Fountain Pen on YouTube.

Happy Writing!


Parker / Waterman 2015 Rebate on New Pens

Waterman Ombres et Lumieres Pen Collection - 2015
Who is up for saving just a little bit more on your Parker & Waterman Pens? Of course you are.

Even if you've already purchased a Parker or Waterman from us this past month, you may be eligible to get up to $25 back in the 2015 Holiday Rebate.

Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Collection - 2015

Sponsored by Newell Rubbermaid, the parent company of the fine writing division that owns both Parker & Waterman, this Holiday rebate includes purchases made from November 15th, 2015 to December 31st, 2015.

Purchase Amount (before tax)Rebate Amount
$50 - $99.99$5
$100 - $149.99$10
$150 - $199.99$15
$200 and up$25

To Redeem the Parker / Waterman Rebate

  1. Purchase any Parker or Waterman pen from us during the rebate period and be sure to save the sales receipt we send in the package.
  2. Complete the rebate redemption form on www.finewritingrebate.com
  3. Mail the redemption form, the original sales receipt with the Parker / Waterman purchase circled, making sure it is postmarked by January 15th, 2016.

The mailing address for the Rebate promotion is as follows :

Fine Writing Promotion 2015
PO Box 2511
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-2511

There is a limit of one rebate claimed per person & per household during the promotion period.

The offer is valid only in the United States. Goldspot Pens is not responsible for payment for these rebates and they cannot be exchanged for a discount at the time of purchase.

For more details, please check out the official rebate voucher below:


Letters to Santa Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho...

What if you could ask Santa for any pen your heart desires, and he left it neatly wrapped under your tree on Christmas morning?

That's the idea of our December giveaway. Write a letter to Santa Claus (or Santa Pens) and mail it to our office address at :

Goldspot Pens
ATTN: Letters to Santa Giveaway
1230 Highway 34
Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Tell Santa which pen is the one that you would treasure in your stocking. It can be anything, really. Shoot for the stars (or snowflakes . . . pen humor).

Mail it to us as soon as possible before he begins his flight preparations on the 22nd of December. We'll make sure that the big man in the North Pole will get your letter.

One letter will be picked the winner of this giveaway, and the wish on that letter will be granted.

"Wait a sec, they'll probably pick the person who is asking for a Pilot Metropolitan for Christmas."
- A Rightfully Skeptical Person

Not so. We've got a BIG budget for this giveaway. Our biggest yet. Bigger than the last two giveaways combined!

In addition to the grand price wish, we're also sending pen stocking stuffer prize packages to 3 lucky runner-ups.

Our Pen Stocking Stuffer Prize Pack includes :
(1) Jinhao 599A Goldspot Demonstrator Pen
(1) 2mL Ink Sample
(1) Rhodia Notepad
(1) Parker Leather Single Pen Case

We're hoping you would spread the word about this giveaway, so we're giving away an additional Pen Stocking Stuffer Prize Pack using this Rafflecopter form below:

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Fine Print....
All entries for the Letters to Santa giveaway drawing must be received by December 21st, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. By participating in the Letters to Santa contest, you are giving us permission to share your name and images of your mailed-in submission on social media (your address and email will not be shared). Entries will not be returned to you and will become the property of Goldspot Pens. Please limit one entry per person.

No purchase is required to participate. Odds of winning will depend on the number of entries received, estimated to be 1/200.