Sneak Peek at Lamy AL-Star Matte Black

Lamy follows up the release of the AL-Star Pearl with the new Matte Black AL-Star that is estimated to arrive in the US within the next few weeks. With the Pearl being such a quick sell out (fountain pens are all but gone), Lamy looks to satisfy its fans with a black-on-black, "stealth" model of its renown, aluminum bodied AL-Star design.

The AL-Star's black matte aluminum barrel and cap is matched with the black wire clip and a black stainless steel nib fitted to the fountain pen. Each mode has a translucent front section that is signature to the AL-Star collection. Click top ballpoint pen uses the M16 ballpoint refill while the capped rollerball uses the M63 rollerball ink cartridge. The fountain pen is supplied with a Lamy T10 ink cartridge in blue.

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Food for Thought on Earth Day 2013


1.5 Billion

What would this number represent?

The dollar amount revenue of a major corporation? The number of citizens in a densely populated country? The gallons of gas we consume in a year? The number of stars you are gazing at in the night sky?

No, this is the amount of ballpoint pens that are disposed of, by Americans, each year. (source)

Think of all the Bics, promotional pens and bank pens that are carelessly tossed aside when they have exhausted their ink supply. Since the majority of them are not intended to be refilled, they are simply thrown away. People who receive these pens for free treat them as such and throw them away on a whim.

Be a responsible, Eco-friendly pen enthusiast and always carry your fine writing instrument with you. That way, you can always be sure you will never have to take another promotional or disposable pen for your writing needs.


Edison Beaumont Stealth Sold Out - Italic Nibs Now Available

As quickly and silently as they arrived on Wednesday, all of our Edison Beaumont Limited Edition Stealth Pens had flew off the shelves by the end of the day. They have all been shipped or in the process of being engraved and should arrive to their happy owners shortly.

To those that missed out on this limited edition - don't despair! We still have Edison's other collections, like the Beaumont (co-winner of Pen of the Year 2012) and the Collier (Pen of the Year 2011). To boot, you can now purchase them with these cool Italic Fountain Pen Nibs to add additional flair and character to your writing.

The pens aren't listed with the Italic nibs, but you may place an order for one of the Edison pens we have for sale and make a notation in your "Order Comments" on the form to request either the 1.1 italic or 1.5 italic nib. For pens with gold trim, we would match it with the two-tone, gold & silver nib and for pens that have silver trim, we would install the single-tone silver version.


The New 2013 Goldspot Annual Catalog

Printed, Stitched, Trimmed and ready-for-mailing, the new 2013 Goldspot Annual Catalog of fine writing instruments and luxury gifts will be arriving in mailboxes across the country within the next week! This year's catalog holds 40 pages of the best pens, including new releases from AT Cross, Delta, Stipula, Visconti, Parker, ACME Studios, Lamy, Colibri and Laban. We also have a dedicated 2-page spread of just fountain pen inks. You will also find notebooks and other awesome pen-related accessories to compliment your pen collection.

If you would like to request a copy of our catalog to be mailed to you, please visit our site and fill out the online Catalog form to complete your request.

Also, you can view an electronic version preview of the catalog here!

Check out a Behind the Scenes look at our catalog on the printing press...


A Stealthy Sneak Peek at a New Edison Pen

Gliding in gracefully on the pale moonlight comes the new Edison Beaumont Stealth limited edition fountain pen. The solid black resin barrel and cap, matched with the dark, ruthenium trim, clip and nib will silently maneuver into your shopping cart like a ninja. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide, this cartridge/converter fountain pen will go quickly, so stay tuned to our blog and sign up on our e-mail list for a head's up on when we will have the pens available and ready-to-ship. This pen is exclusive to Edison Pen retailers only, and we have secured inventory that will arrive early next week.


Twilight Stars Robert Pattinson Gifts $40k Pen to Kristen Stewart

Hot on the celebrity gossip columns today is a story involving a very, very expensive pen. When Twilight co-stars and boyfriend/girlfriend Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart exchange gifts, they don't simply pick up a Hallmark card and chocolates from the local drug store. No, they take out the Black AmEx to spend the equivalent of what most would consider to be a down payment on a house. Pattinson reportedly spent $40,000 on a Tibaldi Bentley Crewe 18k white gold fountain pen.

That is certainly some pen. I would have loved to be the salesperson getting the commission for that sale! I think that would have deserved a vacation!


April 2013 Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

] Welcome and step right up.

We're proud to host the April 2013 edition of the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper. These are posts freshly picked from the wild of the internet blog-o-sphere that stoke your love of the writing process and its materials. Check them out! Maybe you will find a new blog to follow, a new pen to lust after or just a plain ol' good read.


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Thanks for reading this month's edition of the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper. Stay tuned for the next issue coming May 7th over at the Rants of the Archer Blog. You can submit an article (requires log-in) if you have a post you would like to share.