New Monteverde Intima Colors for Summer

Summer, particularly in the fashion sense, is all about color : Bright and lively hues that match the blooming flowers, green leafed trees and amber sunsets. The new Monteverde Intima Pens for 2013 are offered in a set of four beautiful acrylic colors that compliment the summer color palette. They are now on sale for pre-order on Goldspot with an expected fulfillment of Wednesday, June 19th.

Here are the new colors with their suggested retail prices : 


Sneak Peek at the New Noodler's Konrad Ebonite Pens

Nathan is at it again with the new Noodler's Ebonite Konrad fountain pens. They will officially debut at the New England Pen Show in Boston over the weekend. Here is a sneak peek photos of the three colors :

Methuselah’s Pine Cone

Rebellion Ripple

Sahara Ripple
The Konrad is a piston-fill fountain pen that is fitted with the Noodler's steel flex nib. Apparently, a standard, stainless steel, iridium tipped nib will also be available as an accessory to swap out, but details are still pending on how that will come to be.

Each of the Noodler's Konrad Ebonite fountain pens will be priced at $40 and will be available, in limited quantity, at Goldspot.

Which is your favorite color of the three? Do you own a Noodler's Pen already and are looking forward to expanding your collection with the Ebonite Konrad? What do you think of their flex nib versus a standard stainless steel nib that is offered from other pen brands?