Blogger Discounts

Do you love pens, stationery, office supplies and fine writing so much that you have to blog about it? Then you will love our our Blogger Discount Program!

As an appreciator of pens, you know that it is a hobby that tends to get expensive. We want to provide you with the next piece in your collection, first access to product samples, a hard-to-get special edition, or maybe your next bottle of ink - all at a discount.

Blogs like yours have the potential to act as "word of finger" for our company on the internet. When our customers are looking for luxury products that they can neither touch nor see in three dimensions, they often research as much as possible to find reviews and recommendations from those who are experienced. That is where we need your help.

We have dozens of brands and thousands of fine-writing products that we offer on our website. It is easy to feel lost in making a selection, especially if you are a layperson to pens. The main outlets for people to experience and learn about pens on the internet are through the Fountain Pen Network and pen-related blogs.

So, if you find yourself writing about your writing utensils on the internet, this will be a great opportunity for you to subsidize your hobby by purchasing our pens, inks and accessories for a cheaper price.

If you are going to order products with the Blogger Discount, the only favor we ask in return is to post a review of at least one of the products that you have purchased with a link back to

To inquire about the program, please drop us a line by 'asking a question' on our site's Help Section. To qualify, you must own a blog that has at least 5 pen-related posts in the last two months.