Introducing the Edison Beaumont Fountain Pen

The latest in the Edison Pen Co. line is the Beaumont collection. Out of the current production model Edison Pens, the Beaumont is the smallest, most accommodating size for people who prefer a smaller pen that fits superbly in-hand.

Here are a few comparison shots of the new Beaumont in Sapphire Flake.

Top to Bottom : Pelikan M200 Demonstrator, Edison Beaumont, Edison Herald, Edison Collier

Edison Beaumont & Edison Herald open with caps posted
As you can see, this is a significant design change from the previous Edison models, which tend to be on the larger size and aren't as "post friendly." The Beaumont cap posts nice and deep on the back-end of the barrel. With a posted length of 5 7/8", the size is right on par with a Pelikan M200, which is comfortable for most average-sized hands (men and women). The pen fills via cartridge or converter and is available for shipping today at $149.00 for the steel nib (extra-fine, fine, medium or broad sizes) or $274.00 for the 18kt solid gold nib (fine, medium or broad sizes).