Announcing the Monthly Newsletter Giveaway

We're Giving Away a TWSBI.

Need we say more?

Well, obviously, if we've piqued your interest, you may be asking yourself, "How do I get my name into the metaphorical hat?" Good news is, you may already be entered to win!

We are sponsoring a monthly giveaway to all of our faithful e-mail newsletter subscribers. To enter, simply make sure you are signed up for our e-mail newsletter. If you are already subscribed, you're all set! Please make sure to include your e-mail and first name (so we know what name to call you when you win). At the end of the month, a winner will be randomly chosen from the masses. The following week, we will send an e-mail announcing the winner. You must open and check this e-mail to see if you have been picked and then send us an e-mail with your desired nib size and mailing address.

For those of you that are leery about giving your e-mail address - We do not sell your information to any other companies or third parties. Your information is totally private and secure. You will have the option of selecting from various interests that pertain to your pen-loving personality and there is no obligation to stay on the list. You can opt-out and unsubscribe at any time. We normally send out 2 to 3 e-mails per month, as opposed to the dozens of e-mails that some retailers *ahem* Amazon *ahem* barrage you with. Plus, all of the e-mails are about pens, special buys on pens, exclusive discount codes to use on the site and gift suggestions for when you're stuck on what to buy for Aunt Sue (hint: She already has the Fifty Shades of Grey series).

Plus, we've added a newsletter list specifically for our Daily Dip shoppers. For those of your who are new to our site, the Daily Dip is a pen that we put on extra discount for 1 day, changing them every weekday at 2pm Eastern Time. We've had a swell response from our customers, but we wanted to make it easier for them so that they don't have to check the site every day to see when the new Dip is posted. Starting this week, we've begun to e-mail our Daily Dip around the 2 o'clock hour.  Never miss a great pen bargain again and SIGN UP FOR THE DIP!


New Interactive 2012 Pelikan & Conway Stewart Pen Catalogs

We've got a treat for Pelikan & Conway Stewart fans / collectors. Both companies have recently released beautiful catalogs for 2012 that let you browse through their full, current pen collections. They both include a little company history, pen size comparisons and nib writing comparisons as well. Each of the catalogs are available to browse online, or you have the option to download them on your hard drive for later off-line consumption.

Check out the new Pelikan 2012 Catalog.
Check out the new Conway Stewart 2012 Catalog.

What pens have you in full-drool mode?