A 360 Look at the OMAS William Shakespeare Limited Edition

OMAS is known for their lavish limited editions. Crafted from precious materials and limited to only a few hundred pens world-wide, each limited quickly becomes a piece that is highly sought after by collectors. The William Shakespeare Limited Edition of 450 fountain pens and 234 rollerballs is certainly going to be a collector's item sooner than later.

This OMAS pen has the total package, quite literally. The wooden, hinged box opens up to display like a vintage writing desk. The fountain pen comes with a red wax sealed ink bottle with the WS signet impressed upon the wax. The pen sits atop the soft OMAS blue pen sleeve. Pulling the tab on the other half of the box reveals the "secret" compartment where the certification papers and information booklet is stored.

The pen itself is a true sight to behold. The natural feeling of the oak barrel is warm and smooth to the touch. The engraved sterling silver cap and appointments set a beautiful contrast. The detail on the engravings are exquisite and are best viewed as full screen (on the internet here) or through a jeweler's loupe. The style of the engraving is captured after the artistic friezes from Shakespeare's time. The most recognizable trait of the cap, Shakespeare's portrait, is done exceptionally well and with a keen eye for detail.

At a substantial 3 ounces, the William Shakespeare Limited Edition is no lightweight of a pen. The cap does not post to the backend of the pen, so your writing weight of just the pen body is 1.2 ounces. Holding the pen in-hand would make you think that good ol' Shakespeare would have loved to write with one of these rather than a quill and ink pot.

OMAS William Shakespeare Specs
Weight : 3 oz
Weight Uncapped : 1.2 oz
Pen Capped : 5 7/8" Length
Pen Uncapped : 5 1/4" Length
Cap Width : 5/8" Diameter at thickest
Cap Length : 2 5/8"
Grip Width : 7/16" Diameter

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