New Lamy Scala Titanium on the Horizon


We just received information from Lamy's US distributor that the Lamy Scala is now available in a rich, Titanium finish. We are expected to receive inventory next week, which is cutting it close for Christmas, but this one is nice enough to wait for.

The pen material is predominantly stainless steel with a hard-wearing, natural titanium plated finish. The heavier weight of the pen compliments the sense of luxury that the titanium and chrome trims exude.

The new Scala line is available in a twist-action ballpoint pen ($175 MSRP), rollerball pen ($190 MSRP) and fountain pen. The fountain pen will be available in either a stainless steel nib ($250 MSRP) or 14kt solid gold nib ($375 MSRP). There is also a mechanical pencil as part of the set, but this one will be a special order from Germany and may take 6 weeks to arrive.