What our Customers Said - Our 2014 Year in Review

 When we asked for your help to write our 2014 year in review, we received a great number of responses that were both encouraging and constructive in pressing forward for this New Year.

In the survey, we asked to rate your satisfaction from 1-5, with 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being most satisfied. In averaging all the responses given, we came up with an average of 4.2. While this number still allows for improvement, we're ecstatic to see so many positive impressions that we were able to make.

What customers say are their favorite qualities about Goldspot Pens

We hang our hat on customer service. Without it, we would be as useless as a piston-filling Pelikan without a bottle of ink. Here is what you had to say about our customer service.

"your customer service was excellent. I worked w /Asha over the phone and she was very helpful" 

"Very, very pleasant customer service!!!"

"the friendliness of the staff & their willingness to spend time answering my questions and to do whatever needs to be done to please & help me"

Every day, we're expanding our selection of fine writing instruments, adding to our already-expansive inventory of ballpoints, rollerballs, fountain pens, mechanical pencils and accessories. Having the products in-stock for quick shipping to reach your door as soon as possible is also a priority of ours. Our customers have certainly noticed the vast selection.

"I have always been pleased with the selection- retired, can't afford some of the ones I'd really like to buy .They arrive very soon after I place my order."

"Quick and easy to order and, because I live in NJ, quick delivery!"

What our customers would like to see Goldspot improve on for 2015

With a number of manufacturers increasing their prices on a yearly (or semi-annual) basis, it wasn't a surprise to us when a number of our customers requested lower prices or a lower free shipping minimum. More value for less money.

As a retailer, we don't have much say in the price increases mandated by the manufacturers. We aim to be competitive with other retailers and will match prices on most occasions. When it comes to selecting new product to promote and feature on our website, we will surely aim for the best values in the industry and give you the best bang for the buck.

Inventory availability display was another subject that came up and struck a chord with this particular comment :

"You should ensure that your website is up to date with your current stock. You should also make sure that you only list items on eBay that you actually have in stock."

We're currently working on providing a solution to having our inventory synch across our website and other sales channels. This is a technical issue that we want to remedy to make buying easier and give you the confidence that your order will be filled and shipped within our usual 1-2 day turnaround shipping time.

Aside from a couple other website technical issues we're working on currently, you also wrote :

"More reviews?"
"Maybe you can have "Scottie" beam pens over to me here in Denver???"
"Please tweet more."

More content and sharing our ink-thusiasm for fine writing across the web and social media is definitely one of our priorities for 2015. As for teleportation, we'll leave that to the scientists. :-)
Thanks again to everyone that had participated in the survey. We'll be sure to send out another one later this year so we can measure our improvement. If you have any other comments or would like to elaborate on your feelings toward particular improvements that we can make, please feel free to leave them below.