Chris' Collection : Libelle Chromatic Ballpoint Pen Review

Every week, we're throwing a new pen at Chris, our summer intern, to do a short review on for the blog. He's a bit "green" when it comes to pens, but we won't hold that against him. Here's his first review on a pen that we currently have on sale for 40% special pricing, the Libelle Chromatic:

The Libelle Chromatic series offers ballpoint pens, rollerballs, and fountain pens in several different colors of lacquered metal which, through the magnificence of the smooth, unbroken color, provides high aesthetic appeal. Indents filled with wire mesh provide a comfortable dwelling for the fingers. The metal base causes this pen to feel weighted, giving it a sturdy feel and aiding in the pen's superb writing ability. These qualities give the pen a unique feel and appearance.

This Racing Red ballpoint pen is presented in a flawless container that is to be admired for its creative design and superior quality. Inside, the pen lays bound to the white cushion beneath by a string. A white ribbon sash finishes off this picture as it crosses over the pen. Truly, this pen sits in a throne fit for a king.

I could not resist any longer. The pen was soon resting comfortably in my hand, engines started, ready for the green flag. The twist-action pen is armed with a Parker-style ballpoint ink cartridge and I was primed to go. I found the pen was extremely easy to write with and seemed to flow across the page in a fluid motion. This pen feels natural and stable in your hand as you glide across the page.

    -Writing Quality: Sturdy weight and easy control allows for a smooth, steady flow across the paper. (grade A-)
    -Aesthetic Quality: Brightly colored lacquer and wire mesh combine to create an admirable appearance. The pure red color flows simply, yet brilliantly across the pen. (grade A)
    -Utility: Above average weight causes a slight drop in writing comfort after a long period of time. Good stability in the hand. (Grade B+)
    -Price: This is certainly a high quality pen and it is available for a retail price of $65 (currently on sale for 40% off at goldspot.com). (Grade A-)