Top 5 Beginner Fountain Pens (and Top 3 for the Risk-takers!)

So, you want to try out a fountain pen, or two...

The single most common question we get from intrigued fountain pen newbies is "which is the best, first fountain pen?" -- and this post should help narrow that down for you. 

As you venture into the fountain pen world, you'll soon notice that much of the appeal of these pens is how personal they can be; my idea of a perfect pen might have a fine nib and a moderate weight, while yours might have a medium nib and be as light as a feather. The point is, with fountain pens, there are many options, and within each pen, you'll find even more options.

The following are 5 of our best recommendations for your first fountain pen, including features, specifications, and thoughts on each pen. I suggest purchasing finer nibs if you are used to writing with 0.5 - 0.7 mm tips, as the transition may be easier. If you're feeling risky and want to try flex writing or calligraphy, scroll down to find three additional pens that are sure to bring excitement to your writing.

For Normal Writing:

1. Pilot Metropolitan

  • Cost: $14.95
  • Nib Sizes: fine, medium
  • Grip: round
  • Overall Weight: 26g
  • Filling Method: proprietary Pilot cartridge and con-20 converter included
  • Durability: metal, very durable (unlike thin plastic which may crack under large amounts of pressure)
  • Colors: comes in many colors, including classic, animal and retro pop styles.

The Pilot Metropolitan has quickly become the top recommendation for newbies. It’s a great value, smooth-writing fine nib, round grip, average weight, and strong durability makes the pen suited for the majority of new users. Two thing to look out for: 1) Pilot nibs are proprietary, meaning only Pilot cartridges and converters will fit into Pilot pens and 2) you can’t see the ink level in the con-20 converter, so you won’t know exactly when you are out of ink until the pen stops writing. If this bothers you, Pilot offers the transparent con-50 converter as a substitute.

  • Cost: $29.95
  • Nib Sizes: EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm
  • Grip: triangular
  • Overall Weight: 17g
  • Filling Method: proprietary Lamy cartridge included. LZ24 Converter sold separately.
  • Durability: made of extremely durable ABS plastic
  • Colors: comes in many colors (can upgrade to Al-Star)
  • Ink window

The Lamy Safari is long considered a staple in the fountain pen world. It is a great value, with a nib known for being smooth, but with feedback (not glossy smooth, but enough to let you know the nib is touching the paper). The barrel of the Safari is made of ABS plastic, the material used to make the famous Lego toys, which can withstand large amounts of pressure -- making the Safari extremely durable. Many beginners choose this pen because later on, you can try out one of the many other nib sizes (ranging from EF to 1.9mm), which is always fun.

3. Kaweco Sport

  • Cost: $25.00
  • Nib Sizes: F, M, B (also, EF, BB, 1.5 mm, 1.9 mm, 2.3 mm)
  • Grip: round, good for all people
  • Overall Weight: 10g
  • Filling Method: standard international cartridges, can buy separate Kaweco Sport squeeze converter
  • Durability: durable plastic, perfect for pocket, workhorse
  • Colors: comes in many colors (can upgrade to AL, etc.)

4. Nemosine Singularity

  • Cost: $19.95
  • Nib Sizes: EF, F, M, B, 0.6mm, 0.8mm
  • Grip: normal, round, good for all people
  • Overall Weight: 17g
  • Filling Method: standard international cartridges and converters (comes with)
  • Durability: strong plastic, should withstand pressure
  • Colors: comes in many colors, including clear/blue/purple tinted demonstrators
  • Demonstrator looks cool, can see ink

5. Platinum Preppy

  • Cost: $3.95 - 4.95
  • Nib Sizes: EF (02) highly recommend for people who like very thin lines, F (03)
  • Grip: normal, round
  • Overall Weight: 13g
  • Filling Method: platinum cartridge (or buy separate converter but costs more than pen), eyedropper (but beware of cracking)
  • Durability: can crack if dropped hard or stepped on
  • Colors: 7 different colors, can come in pack too

Top 3 Beginner Pens for Risk Takers

  • Cost: $20 for most, $40 for acrylic materials
  • Nib: Fine/Medium Flex (can buy replacement nibs, some flex and some not)
  • Overall Weight: 13g
  • Filling Method: piston filler (recommended over the ahab for this reason)
  • Durability: relatively durable plastic
  • Colors: many
  • For the tinkerer, and for those interested in flex nibs (beginners)

  • Cost: $10, $26.95 for all four
  • Nib Sizes: 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm, 6.0mm
  • Overall Weight: 10g
  • Filling Method: pilot cartridge (con-50 converter can be used, sold separately)
  • Durability: relatively durable plastic
  • Colors: four colors, corresponding with nib
  • For those interested in calligraphy, must get used to nib to use it well, can do color gradient, check out @seblester

  • Cost: $27.95 - 35.95 (for AL)
  • Nib Sizes: 1.5mm (fine), 1.5mm (medium), 1.9mm (broad)
  • Grip: triangular (not suitable for people without “normal grip”)
  • Overall Weight: 17g
  • Filling Method: comes with cartridge, but must buy separate converter (can see ink level), proprietary to Lamy
  • Durability: made of extremely durable ABS plastic (what legos are made of)
  • Colors: three colors


Top 5 Blue Pens to Cure the Blues

Blue, Blue & More Blue

Looking over all the new pens that have been launched by the greatest pen-makers like Pelikan, Pilot, Conklin and more, we've noticed a great deal of blue this year. Without further adieu, let's check out all the awesome blue pens that are currently available :

Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Blue Fountain Pen (View)
2016's latest line extension of the ever-popular Pilot Vanishing Point ("Capless" if you're outside of the US) retractable fountain pen. This royal blue is finished with a satin feel and stealth black trims. A black plated 18kt gold nib is installed to complement the furniture and clip.

Conklin All American Lapis Blue (View)
We were so stunned by the vibrant, marbled blue of the Conklin All American that we had to do a video overview on this pen to capture its gorgeous color.

Pelikan M205 Blue Transparent (View)
A re-issue of the same style that had been a hit success back in 2011 with a slightly updated finial top. Not much changes with these Pelikans, and that's a good thing! If you're a fan of high-performing demonstrators and the color blue, this one is a must have for your collection.

Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue (View)
This special edition for Pelikan does not disappoint. The barrel and cap are made from a translucent, marbled blue acrylic that is a marvel to behold and feel in hand. Check out our video review, which has been lovingly called "pen porn," here.

OMAS Arte Italiana Vintage 556F (View)
While this isn't a new pen, we recently got our hands on the very last of this classically designed OMAS pen because we fell in love with the simplicity and the richness of the resin color. The navy blue is paired with either gold trim or platinum-plated trim. The demure and subtle quality of this combination is not to be overlooked.

To match these wonderfully blue pens, we'd recommend the following inks and notebooks :

Mont Blanc Leo Tolstoy Sky Blue Ink (View)
A limited edition ink, this Leo Tolstoy is one of our best sellers in Mont Blanc fountain pen inks.

Rhodiarama Webnotebooks (View)
The high quality paper in the Rhodia webnotebooks can handle most fountain pen inks and nibs. The sturdy hard cover and elastic band ensure your writings and sketches stay protected in your daily travels. The Rhodiarama collection has a color cover to match every personality, with several shades of blue to match your blue pens & inks.


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