Ellen on Jac Zagoory's Scroll Pen

The Pen Addict's recently concluded Jac Zagoory Scroll Pen Giveaway prompted a You Tube search for a clip to show the ingenious design of the Scroll Pen. I found a funny clip on Ellen Degeneres that I decided to share:


Sherpa - A Perfect Guide

Here's a quick SAT analogy for the soon-to-be high school grads out there:

A Band-Aid is to adhesive bandage as
a Sharpie is to _______________.

Your choices:
  • A: Knife
  • B: Permanent Marker
  • C: Scissors
  • D: Toothbrush
If you answered B, you are well-aware of the ubiquitous Sharpie brand. We now have several multi-color packs on sale on Goldspot. Our latest addition to the site takes this popular, simple, disposable pen and gives it luxurious quality.

Snazz up your Sharpie, Uni-Ball or Pilot disposable pen by purchasing the Sherpa.

The Sherpa Pen is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers, treating them like refills. It has an innovative cap that seals tightly to keep your instrument writing bold and fresh every time. The Sherpa is compatible with :
  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker
  • uni-ball Vision
  • uni-ball Vision Elite
  • uni-ball Deluxe
  • Papermate Liquid Espresso
  • Pilot P-700
  • Pilot P-500
  • Pilot V-Ball Grip
  • Pilot V Razor
There are several colors and styles available that are meant to please a wide array of aesthetic tastes. The Shell quality and design is similar to that of an ACME pen, but under half the price.

One of the best features is that the refills are cheaper and easier to come by than most of the fine writing manufacturers. Your Sherpa includes a Sharpie with the purchase, but when your ink finally runs out, you can go over to the nearest Staples, Office Depot, Walgreens or CVS to pick another pen for under $2. With most of your big pen retailers, they normally ask $4-$8 per refill for a rollerball or felt-tip and they aren't usually found at your local drug store or convenience store.

Bottom line is that the Sherpa is a great gift for a pen fantatic, office products fanatic or anyone who uses a Sharpie in their daily lives. Suit up your Sharpie at Goldspot!


Noodler's Habanero - Spicy for the Summer

Hey Noodler's fans, Just finished a fill of Noodler's Habannero and I wanted to share my opinions. I've tasted the Habannero ink in the past, and it was hot enough that I went back for another fill about a week ago. The ink hue can be best described as a medium-value, reddish-orange. I felt it was wetter than the Nightshade I reviewed a week or so ago. I would tell you what pen and paper I used to write with it, but I might get in trouble. See the results for yourself on this page of notes to the left. I was organizing this new notebook I purchased over the interwebs (again, I don't think it would be appreciated if I told you where I got this from). The color flowed vibrantly and did not have excessive feathering or bleed-through, which brings me to the next image . If you click the image and really zoom up to take a close look, you will see that the bleed-through is minimal. You would be able to see the bullet points a little bit, but not much else. I have handled Habannero peppers before while making my patented buffalo wing hot sauce. The color of the pepper does vary in shade, but most I have seen tend to contain much more yellow than the burnt orange that Noodler's chose to name after the pepper. But, I think their goal was to evoke the "spicy" connection between the color and the name rather than the actual color of the pepper. What do you think? Next fill : Noodler's Baystate Blue. Review to come.


New Tuesday : Filofax Mode Academic Organizers

One day removed, but still fresh. For our New Tuesday weekly post, we have our first shipment of Filofax Mode organizers. Colorful, durable and inexpensive, these planners are great for students in high school or college who need to keep track of homework, class schedules, study groups and club meetings, etc. 
Grown-ups, don't be shy! If you're still young at heart and don't have the budget for a leather-covered organizer, the Filofax Mode is for you. Besides being a calendar diary for appointments, the included complement of notepaper, address sheets, index tabs and to-do sheets can help you organize just as well as the higher-end organizers we offer. An elastic "Livestrong"-like band keeps your organizer closed and secure.
The prices are very reasonable for a fully-stocked planner : $23.95 for the pocket-size, $27.95 for the personal (larger) size. Goldspot also offers paper refills for all of the organizers we sell. Shipping on our paper refills only starts at $3.25 for first class within the US. By the way, 2010 calendar refills are currently being printed and should be available for sale by the end of the summer.


Blogger Pen Giveaway! Pelikano Juniors!

Attention Bloggers of pen & office goods:
This is our first-ever give-away contest. We are giving away several Pelikano Junior fountain pens:
Pelikano Jr. fountain pens are sturdy, re-fillable pens that are available in both right-handed and left handed nibs in medium size. They are filled using Pelikan Giant fountain pen cartridges. The Pelikano Jr. is made of sturdy plastic in translucent blue, red and green colors. White strip with the name "Chris" written on it is not included with the pen.
Here are the rules to the contest:
  • You must have a blog that is pen-, or office-related that is more than 3 months old and has at least 10 posts.
  • USA residents ONLY. Sorry, World.
  • Contest Ends when Pelikano Jr. Supply runs out.
Instructions to enter the contest:
  • Post a comment on this blog post. Please make sure to include a link to your blog along with your e-mail or twitter handle.
  • Winners will be contacted by Goldspot directly through Twitter or E-mail to request color and handedness choice of the pen, along with their mailing address.
  • Although it is not necessary, feel free to retweet or post a link to this post elsewhere.
Good luck to all of those who participate. Availability on the colors is first-come, first-serve.


Noodler's Nightshade

I just rinsed Noodler's Nightshade out of my Pelikan M215 this morning and decided to blog about the color. On the left is a page of notes I took a week or so ago. 
I couldn't really put my finger on this color in an office fluorescent light setting. Every time I glance at my writing, I always thought I was looking at black or a blue/black. My mind is saying, "What are you? A dark blue? A light black?" And my mind is already waterlogged with other quandaries in life, so it doesn't really care enough to answer the question. Even in natural light, you would really have to look closely to see that the dark shade was a purple/plum color.
The ink seemed to make the fine nib on the M215 write on the dry side. I eventually got tired of looking at my handwriting and trying to figure out if I was still writing with the blue/black I was using a few months back. I needed more distinction, more uniqueness in color, which is why I loaded my pen up with Noodler's Habanero; a color I am fond of as much as the pepper ( I make my own Louisiana Hot Sauce). With the summer coming, I wanted to write with a color that is spicy. I will take a page out of my book to show everyone next month when I finish that tank off.


New Tuesday - Parker Duofold Checks Citrine

Hello Pen Friends,
Sorry for the hiatus in posting. A few weeks in the digital world feels like forever without any news. We are happy to announce a brand new finish in the Duofold Checks line - Citrine! Bright and sunny like summertime, the cheerful tones of yellow, gold and amber electrify this pen's personality.
For those who may balk at the price tag ($525 fountain, $385 rollerball, $300 ballpoint), or may not care for yellow, we can offer the Olive Green Checks for an astounding discount ($314.95 fountain, $229.95 rollerball, $179.95 ballpoint). This sale is based upon available quantity, so pick yours up on Goldspot.com today.