Call for Nominations 2013 Pen of the Year

With October comes the changing of the leaves, sipping of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, political campaign mudslinging and, most importantly, the Goldspot Reader's Choice 2013 Pen of the Year. We need nominees from you, the pen-loving public, for your favorite choice of pen that was released in 2013. That could also include new finishes or colors of a pen model that has been around longer than the last year.

We'll sort through your comments to compile a list of nominees to vote on starting Tuesday, November 5th (Election Day). Voting will last one week and will conclude with the official crowning of this year's winner. The Poll & Results will be posted here and on our Goldspot Pens Blog. So, please give us your suggestions and remember, it's all in good fun!

Here are some examples of pens made in 2013 : Lamy Safari Neon Yellow, Cross Year of the Horse, Pelikan m605 Marine Blue, Edison Menlo Pump Filler, Parker Premier Art Deco, Visconti Dali Surrealist, Montegrappa Fortuna Skull, Pilot Justus 95, Pilot Stargazer, OMAS 360 Vintage Ltd Ed Smoky Black, Platinum Cool, Monteverde Intima, etc. Remember, these are examples meant to get the brain juices flowing. Feel free to suggest any other pen, even if you aren't 100% positive it was made this year.

Past winners include:
Can Edison complete a 3-peat with this year's Menlo Pump Filler fountain pen? Or will a new pen rise to the challenge? YOU, the pen fans, DECIDE!

Please leave a comment below with the pen(s) you feel should make the 2013 Pen of the Year ballot.


  1. I vote for the Edison Menlo Pump Filler

  2. TWSBI 580? TWSBI 580.

  3. It has to be the Italix Captains Commission

  4. The Pilot Metropolitan/MR has been stupidly popular and is affordable. So much buzz around this pen.

  5. Edison Menlo Pump Filler. Can't afford one yet, but it's definitely on my wish list!

  6. I'm going to agree with Anonymous - Pilot Metropolitan because it makes getting into FPs for the first time easy, affordable, and stylish.