Pelikan Souverän 805 Stresemann Fountain Pen Review

Christmas came way early for us! Pelikan was able to send us one of these absolutely stunning Souverän M805 Stresemann fountain pens for us to review prior to their official arrival here in the United States. The first batch of these pens are due in by the first week of March. As of this writing, we are accepting pre-orders for these pens and will have them in-stock to ship out as soon as they arrive.

The Legend

There is a story behind the Stresemann, and why it isn't simply called the anthracite or Souverän M805 Grey. This edition is named after Gustav Stresemann, a Nobel Peace Prize winning, trend-setting, foreign minister of the Weimar Republic. His diplomatic efforts, in conjunction with Aristide Briand, reconciled relations between France and Germany after World War I. He also popularized the fashion of wearing a short, dark lounge suit jacket with the typical men's morning dress of the day. This type of outfit was further known to be the "Stresemann" and Pelikan pens of the day, with their striped barrels, were commonly acknowledged by the same name.

The Pelikan Souverän M805 Stresemann is of the same model of the Souverän 800 size.

Souverän M805 Dimensions

Length Capped : 5.59"
Length Posted : 6.57"
Length without Cap : 5.00"
Diameter : 0.52"
Weight : 0.99 oz

The M800 is designed to be a "big" pen for large hands. Whereas the M600 could be considered a unisex size, the the M800 is geared toward a more masculine demographic.

The Pen Details

The key identity to the Stresemann is embodied in the anthracite and black pinstripes tailored on the barrel of the pen. The grey stripes, matched with the polished, black resin and palladium plated clip and trims create an impression of a writing instrument that doubles for a luxury accessory to wear with formal attire. This pen would be a more impressive accessory than a pocket square, that is for sure!

The nib is crafted from 18ct solid gold, coated with rhodium to match the silver clip and furnishings. The engraved graphic on the face of the nib is emblazoned with the Pelikan logo and the gold designation "18C-750," along with the size, which is "M" in this case. When the pen is released, it will be available in the extra-fine, fine, medium and broad sizes.

The filling mechanism of the Souverän fountain pen is the patented Pelikan internal piston-filling system. Unscrewing the blind cap pushes the plunger inside toward the front section, expelling air from inside the barrel chamber. With the larger diameter of this pen, this pen can extract and hold a significant amount of ink. When rotating this pen in a 6 or 7 pen daily carry, I would anticipate writing off of the same ink refill for at least a month.

The In-Hand Experience

Right out of the box, the Pelikan M805 Stresemann is a knockout. It is elaborately packaged in a Pelikan gift box that has an off-white leather pen pouch that contains the pen. Warranty booklet and care & use guide are hidden under the box platform and should be kept to use a reference or if you would need to contact Pelikan service in the future. As with any new Pelikan fountain pen, the new owner of a Souverän fountain pen could opt to exchange their nib without any charge. For US customers, this would be done directly with Pelikan's US distributor, Chartpak.

You better like whatever ink you're filling this pen with, because you are probably going to be writing with it for a long time. The piston mechanism flawlessly draws ink through the nib and feed, extracting an enormous amount of writing fluid. I chose MontBlanc Oyster Grey to go with the grey/silver theme of this pen.

The nib writes smoothly with a flow that is a bit on the drier side. The Oyster Grey is laid down in a warm grey color and shades darker wherever the ink pools within a letter stroke. The softness of the gold nib is slightly responsive to gentle finger pressure, but is not meant to be flexed. It only takes a delicate pull of the nib on paper to produce a rich mark.

Writing with this pen for an extensive period of time proved to be more pleasurable with the cap in-hand rather than posted on the back. I am more of the posting type, but this pen with the cap posted extends longer than is comfortable for my hands. The section has a substantial girth and the weight, while feeling substantial in-hand, was not heavy enough to cause hand fatigue.

A Few Choice Words

Summary :

  • Writing Quality : 18ct solid gold nib performs smoothly and with expected refinement. The weight and size is perfect for those with larger hands, but can work for those who can write un-posted. (grade A-)
  • Aesthetic Quality : The Stresemann is the 2015 power-suit of pens. (grade A+)
  • Utility : Pelikan always gets the checkmark on this category for the large internal piston-filling mechanism for its ability to hold a tanker-full of ink. This pen is on the larger side and may have a little difficulty fitting with some pen loops and pouches. (grade A)
  • Price : This type of quality and Pelikan brand-name craftsmanship does come at a hefty cost. The $800 retail price may give most sticker shock, but, if you're in the market for a grail pen, we're offering a discounted street price that will be competitive to any US retailer. (grade B)

Final Grade : A
When it comes to Pelikan releasing a new edition of their tried and true Souverän collection, they can hardly do any wrong. When Pelikan released the M800 in the brown tortoise in 2013, we couldn't keep them in-stock long enough to even do a review. We expect that the Stresemann will experience similar success. If you've longed for a Pelikan Souverän to be a part of your collection that could also be "worn" to formal occasions, you certainly could not go wrong with the Stresemann.


InCoWriMo Month-Long Giveaway

Hey All,

image courtesy InCoWriMo.org

February has already begun and so has InCoWriMo 2015. Before you jump to Google to find out what the heck I'm talking about, InCoWriMo is short for International Correspondence Writing Month. In the same vein as November's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), InCoWriMo is a month dedicated to letter writing every day of February. That means writing and sending 28 letters during the month.

We'd love to get the word out to get more folks writing and sending letters. So, Goldspot Fine Writing will be sponsoring an InCoWriMo month-long giveaway.

The Prizes

A Waterman Expert 3 Deluxe Fountain Pen + A Noodler's Neponset Briar Wood Ebonite Fountain Pen. A total retail value of $250.

For those of you who follow our blog and giveaways, we offered up this rare ebonite Neponset a couple months ago for our Pen Revolution Giveaway. Sadly, the winner never reached out to give us their address, so we're doubling up the prize for this giveaway.

How to Enter the InCoWriMo Giveaway

Step 1 : Get a pen. Any writing implement will do. Ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen.

Step 2 : Grab a piece of paper or other writing surface, like a post card.

Step 3 : Write us a letter. Topic can be completely of your choosing. Write about your favorite pens. What you like to write, or just simply show off your penmanship (or lack thereof). Be sure to include at least your name and e-mail address so we can get in touch with you if you are the winner.

Step 4 : Address your correspondence to :

Goldspot Pens
c/o InCoWriMo Giveaway
1230 Highway 34
Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Step 5 : Mail your letter to us by February 28th.

All entries must be postmarked by February 28th to qualify. We will randomly select a winner on March 10th.

Legal Fine Print

All entries for the InCoWriMo giveaway must be post-marked by February 28, 2015. By participating in the InCoWriMo Giveaway, you are giving us permission to share your name and images of your mailed-in submission on social media (your address and email will not be shared). Entries will not be returned to you and will become the property of Goldspot Pens. 
No purchase is required to participate in the InCoWriMo Giveaway. Giveaway winners have 30 days to contact us to claim their prize. If Goldspot Pens is not contacted within 30 days, prize will be offered up in subsequent giveaway.


What our Customers Said - Our 2014 Year in Review

 When we asked for your help to write our 2014 year in review, we received a great number of responses that were both encouraging and constructive in pressing forward for this New Year.

In the survey, we asked to rate your satisfaction from 1-5, with 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being most satisfied. In averaging all the responses given, we came up with an average of 4.2. While this number still allows for improvement, we're ecstatic to see so many positive impressions that we were able to make.

What customers say are their favorite qualities about Goldspot Pens

We hang our hat on customer service. Without it, we would be as useless as a piston-filling Pelikan without a bottle of ink. Here is what you had to say about our customer service.

"your customer service was excellent. I worked w /Asha over the phone and she was very helpful" 

"Very, very pleasant customer service!!!"

"the friendliness of the staff & their willingness to spend time answering my questions and to do whatever needs to be done to please & help me"

Every day, we're expanding our selection of fine writing instruments, adding to our already-expansive inventory of ballpoints, rollerballs, fountain pens, mechanical pencils and accessories. Having the products in-stock for quick shipping to reach your door as soon as possible is also a priority of ours. Our customers have certainly noticed the vast selection.

"I have always been pleased with the selection- retired, can't afford some of the ones I'd really like to buy .They arrive very soon after I place my order."

"Quick and easy to order and, because I live in NJ, quick delivery!"

What our customers would like to see Goldspot improve on for 2015

With a number of manufacturers increasing their prices on a yearly (or semi-annual) basis, it wasn't a surprise to us when a number of our customers requested lower prices or a lower free shipping minimum. More value for less money.

As a retailer, we don't have much say in the price increases mandated by the manufacturers. We aim to be competitive with other retailers and will match prices on most occasions. When it comes to selecting new product to promote and feature on our website, we will surely aim for the best values in the industry and give you the best bang for the buck.

Inventory availability display was another subject that came up and struck a chord with this particular comment :

"You should ensure that your website is up to date with your current stock. You should also make sure that you only list items on eBay that you actually have in stock."

We're currently working on providing a solution to having our inventory synch across our website and other sales channels. This is a technical issue that we want to remedy to make buying easier and give you the confidence that your order will be filled and shipped within our usual 1-2 day turnaround shipping time.

Aside from a couple other website technical issues we're working on currently, you also wrote :

"More reviews?"
"Maybe you can have "Scottie" beam pens over to me here in Denver???"
"Please tweet more."

More content and sharing our ink-thusiasm for fine writing across the web and social media is definitely one of our priorities for 2015. As for teleportation, we'll leave that to the scientists. :-)
Thanks again to everyone that had participated in the survey. We'll be sure to send out another one later this year so we can measure our improvement. If you have any other comments or would like to elaborate on your feelings toward particular improvements that we can make, please feel free to leave them below.


Help Us Write our Year in Review

In a couple of days, 2014 shall be officially in the books. As we "turn the page" on 2014, we'd like to take the opportunity to reflect and evaluate our past year as a company.

From a behind-the-scenes standpoint, Goldspot had one of our most consistently busiest years. From new product and brand introductions to our new version of our website launched in September, we have been striving throughout the year to improve every facet of our business.

Since our business thrives on the relationship with our customers, we believe that the story of our year should be narrated by our customers. Our focus is to bring you the best selection of fine writing instruments at the most competitive prices with exceptional customer service. Even if you haven't ordered from us in the past year, but follow us on social media and read our blog, we still want to know if you believe we hit our mark.

Tell us if we've succeeded in our goal this year by filling out our quick, 2-minute survey

You can also feel free to post on our Facebook wall, tweet us @goldspotpens or leave a comment below to give us additional feedback. 

Thank you guys. Have a Happy & Healthy 2015!