What's the Difference Between a Waterman Expert II and Expert III?

In the pen world, sometimes manufacturers can take the same model and update it to improve upon the design, tweaking the size, trims, nib or body shape enough that they need to release it as a "sequel" to the original. Such is the case for Waterman with their Expert II & Expert III New Generation.

The Expert II had long been one of the most popular modern Waterman pens. Their business-minded designs and elegant finishes look as nice as a Mont Blanc while being about 1/3 the price. In 2011, Waterman had updated the design ever-so-slightly and introduced the Expert III "New Generation." 

For the most part, Waterman did not mess around with a great pen. Here are some of the subtle differences, illustrated in our photographs below. Comparing apples to apples, we chose the Matte Black with Chrome trim in both Expert Series II & III.

Firstly, let's look at packaging. At the time of the Expert III's introduction, Waterman started shipping their Hemisphere, Expert, Perspective, Charleston & Carene Pens in a deluxe, satin blue Waterman gift box with cream-colored fabric interior. When we had purchased the last of the Expert II's, they arrived in the same presentation box. No difference with the packaging.

Looking at the "top" of the pen, the cap of the Expert III has more metal in the cap band, with "Waterman Paris" engraved into the metal. The same branding is imprinted into the lacquer band of the Expert II, giving the logo more contrast. The same goes for the opposite side of the cap, where you would see the word "France."

The overall body shape and size of the Expert had not changed one bit. Both pens are exactly the same length, girth and dimensions when capped, opened and posted. In fact, while taking the photographs for this post, I had mistakenly swapped the wrong cap on the body of the pen a couple of times. They are that similar!

The nib is really the only other main difference. The material is still the same polished stainless steel with plastic feed, but the nib graphic was updated slightly. Going for a more minimalistic approach, Waterman got rid of the hexagon that surrounded the "W" on the nib and made it larger while shrinking the "Waterman" name underneath.

Currently, we're running a special Weekly Dip (ends October 30th, 2014) that offers our remaining inventory of the Waterman Black Matte Expert II fountain pen at a substantial discount. The difference is price is astounding. Our current price for the Expert III is $134.95, but, for a limited time, the Expert II Black Matte fountain is $99.95, that's a whopping 25% off the already discounted sale price.


October Pen Giveaway

Hey All,

Thanks to our good friends at Luxury Brands, we've got a nice giveaway of two pens to a lucky winner chosen at random. We're giving away one Noodler's Konrad Brush Pen and one Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen. You can have any color, as long as it is black. :-)

This tandem can be a great match for artists looking to do some sketching or mixed media journaling. While you have fountain pen ink in the Platinum pen, you can have the Konrad brush pen loaded with water, or diluted ink to create beautiful ink washes on paper.

You have (3) possible entries for this giveaway. One is by simply commenting on this blog post. The second and third entries can be obtained via Facebook and Twitter. If you have an account with either social network, simply find our page (details below) and Like or Re-Tweet the giveaway post link.

Here is How to Enter (no purchase necessary) :
  1. Comment on this post (1 Entry / person)
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...and that's it! We'll keep track of all the entries and then choose a fan using a random number generator to select one lucky winner. Deadline for Entries is Friday, October 17 at 2p ET.

We will contact the winner directly through either Facebook, Twitter or E-mail to obtain the shipping information and send out your Noodler's Konrad Brush Pen & Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen!


Keep Calm and Write with Waterman Serenity Blue

Waterman threw the fountain pen world in a confused frenzy a while ago when they had renamed their entire line of fountain pen inks. While the ink formulas have stayed the same, the names have taken on a vague complexion that requires us to relearn the colors over again. Let's get reacquainted with one of Waterman's best-selling colors, Serenity Blue (formerly known as Florida Blue).

Deep with saturation and rich with color, Serenity Blue can be categorized as a royal blue, leaning a bit towards the purple.  Dry time is 3-4 seconds on Rhodia 80gsm paper. Doing a water drop test reveals the ink as not being very water resistant. There is a slight bit of shading, even with an extra fine nib.

Courtesy of @inkjournal on Instagram
As with any Waterman ink, when the ink level starts running low, you can shift the 50mL glass bottle to make it easier to draw ink.

Waterman Serenity Blue (50mL) is our Ink of the Month for September 2014. An additional discount applies to this ink for the entire month of September or until stock runs out.


New Nemosine Singularity Fountain Pen Colors

Following the addition of the Neutrino line, which we talked about last month, Nemosine has added 6 new color finishes to their best-selling Singularity line of fountain pens.

Meet the Nemosine Singularity in (from left to right) green, aqua blue, pink, white (not to be confused with ivory), magenta and blue marble. All pens are appointed with chrome trim, clip and cap band. The front section is black with the German-made, stainless steel nib attached. As with any of the Nemosine pens, a converter and (6) ink cartridges are included with the purchase of the pen. 

You may be looking at this picture and thinking, "wait a second, the Blue Marble is bigger than the other Singularity pens?" Your eyes do not deceive you. It looks bigger posted because of the thickness of the acrylic used to make the marbled barrel and cap. The thicker cap doesn't allow for as deep of a posting than the solid-color Singularities. This could also be the reason that the Blue Marble is just a tad bit more expensive than the other Singularity pens.

With the wide array of colors and nib sizes (Extra-fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 0.6mm stub, 0.8mm stub), it is easy to see why Nemosine fountain pens can be addictive to the pen enthusiast. They are affordable enough to own several for different purposes and situations where you would find yourself needing a fountain pen. Example - keeping a Nemosine in your desk drawer at work, one at home and one on your person (briefcase, purse or pen case). Also, if you love fountain pen inks as much as I do, you may have one pen dedicated to a particular type of ink. When you feel in a blue mood, take out the aqua blue or the blueberry and write away in some Diamine Aqua Blue. The combinations and possibilities are endless!


Coming Soon : Parker Debuts Pens Inspired by Vintage Vacumatic & Duofold Styles

To follow up on the teaser postcard that we are sending in our current shipments, Parker has shared their master plans for the fall debuts of new Duofold, Urban & IM models that are designed after vintage Parker styles.

Duofold : A Classic Redefined

The Duofold is gaining three new permanent extensions to the line that are inspired by the Parker Duofold of old : Big Red, Lapis Lazuli & Ivory. These acrylic resin styles are trimmed in gold plated appointments and are available in a twist-action ballpoint pen, capped rollerball and two sizes of fountain pen. The larger Centennial size and the International size are both filled by cartridge or cartridge/converter (included). The nib is a big, two-toned, 18kt solid gold beauty, fashioned with the Duofold Spade graphic.

The estimated price ranges on this set are $280 for the ballpen, $330 for the rollerball, $450 for the international sized fountain pen & $550 for the centennial. No doubt that the popularity of these vintage colors will come through for Parker in reintroducing a fan favorite in the Duofold.

Parker's Vacumatic for the 21st Century

The Parker Vacumatic stands as an emblematic style of the Parker Pen Company and is one of the most highly sought after vintage pens for collectors. This Fall, Parker debuts six new finishes in the IM & Urban lines inspired by the Vacumatic's alternating band design. While the Vacumatic was originally built with laminated plastic, these new pens are styled using aluminum to give a modern look to the design.

The IM & Urban lines are Parker's more approachable, entry-level category of pens. Each new finish will be offered in a ballpoint pen, rollerball or fountain pen. Please note that the fountain pens will be using a cartridge/converter filling system and will not have the Vacumatic filling system (that would make too much sense, right?). The fountain pens will be fitted with steel nibs in medium point size only. The price ranges from $37 for a ballpen to $75 for the fountain.

All pens will be on sale on our site the moment that they arrive. To receive an update on when they will hit the store, please sign up on our e-mail newsletter list so you can be first to know!