Conid Fountainbel and The Edison Beaumont Co-Winners of 2012 Pen of the Year

We are revising our previous election declaration due to some information that has come to light in regards to the vote for Pen of the Year. It was discovered that users of a fountain pen forum had encouraged other members to vote for the Conid Fountainbel Bulkfiller multiple times by clearing a web browser's cookies. It was evident that this information affected the results of the poll, as the advantage had swung from Edison's favor being up 6% to the Conid pen being up 4% within the same hours that the forum posts were written. Members on the board replied to the thread, stating that they had added a significant number of votes artificially, which was not in-line with the intentions of this poll.

Considering the immense popularity of both the Edison Beaumont and the Conid Fountainbel Bulkfiller, we have decided to announce both pens as the Co-Winners of the 2012 Pen of the Year. We believe that this is the fairest solution since both pens were so overwhelmingly voted above the other selections and the margin of victory was so narrow.

Of course, we cannot prevent every occurrence of people voting from multiple computers or vote-hacking, but we are making it known for future polls that this type of behavior is strictly discouraged. Next year, we are going to be using a different method of polling that logs IP addresses and enables cookies on your browser to prevent multiple votes per computer. Also, if sufficient evidence is found that vote hacking had occurred, the pen itself will be disqualified from the ballot entirely. This would hopefully deter those who are ardent fans of a certain pen from trying to fix the vote by artificial means.


  1. As a member of FPN, but one that was totally unaware of this campaign, I am still embarassed by this.

  2. I too am an FPN member (was that the forum in question), and was unaware of both the vote rigging campaign, or in fact that there was a vote going on. Logging IP addresses isn't going to work. Depending on one's ISP, several users can appear to be from the same IP address (which is the case here at work), or the same user can end up with a different IP address at different times (which is the case with the ISP I use from home).

  3. It wasn't FPN, apparently, but another forum. I voted for the Beaumont, but the Conid seems pretty cool too. At any rate, both pens deserve attention and this should give them both a boost! =D

  4. So the world isn't screwed up enough as it is; even supposedly sophisticated fountain pen enthusiasts have to sink to the level of bullies, thieves and liars to get things their way. I don't know how these people live with themselves. And can anyone tell me, what do they teach their children? I guess they tell them, If you want something, even something as relatively insignificant as winning a "favorite pen" prize, go ahead and cheat and lie and deceive your way into getting it, because what's important isn't the truth, but getting what you want at any cost. And then you'll sleep better at night knowing there are no monsters under the bed; the monster is IN the bed.

  5. What a strange thing. I think your solution is fair. Doesn't speak well of the ones who tried to cheat.

  6. To Krandall :

    You are completely wrong... Keep your lessons of moralism for yourself, we don't need your 2 cents shitty philosophy... Speaking about children has nothing to do here ... Smoking and drinking are also an everyday awful example for them... did you speak about it ??? Did you speak of the US govt foreign policy and so on (Guantanamo) ? is it a nice example for children (and people)... ??? The monster is not in the bed it is in your mind. Balance your comments...

  7. Edison co. paid people to vote for the Beaumont

  8. Congratulations Brian !

    Please note that neither Conid our myself were involved in the "hacking", and neither we suggested/encouraged other people do do so.

    A pity though...

  9. Disqualifying the recipient of vote hacking can encourage people to launch faux-hacking attempts in favor of their rival hoping that they get it disqualified. Just focus your effort on making the voting method secure.

  10. //Congratulations Brian !
    Please note that neither Conid our myself were involved in the
    "hacking", and neither we suggested/encouraged other people do do so.
    A pity though...

    Thanks Francis!

    I congratulated you and also Conid right after the results were announced (before anything fraudulent was revealed) and my congratulations remain, of course.

    I understand your position, and never suspected that you or Conid were involved in any shady behavior, of course!

    I agree...it's a pity that some people could not understand the spirit of the poll.

    Your pen is truly amazing and innovative! I finally saw one live at the Ohio Pen Show. Wonderful!

    I'm glad that we can both claim victory!

    Brian at Edison