Vote for Goldspot Pens 2012 Pen of the Year

It's that time of year again! As we exercise our right to vote for the national election today, here is a poll for pen lovers that is more lighthearted in spirit. We asked the fine folks at Fountain Pen Network to nominate candidate pens that debuted in 2012. After receiving over 40 responses, we have picked the top nominees for 2012 Pen of the Year.

The Nominees Are :

Visconti Opera Mosquito Filler Demonstrator and Blue Typhoon

Edison Beaumont

 Pelikan m205 Taupe

 Bexley Hometown Ohio (Cities Collection)

Please note that you can click on any of the nominees to find a larger pic or more information to help you decide. There is also a write-in option if your choice is not present on the list (Please keep it clean, folks.) Voting will be open until Monday, November 12th at 11:59pm Eastern US Standard time. The winner will be announced next Tuesday, the 13th. Have fun and cheer on your favorite pen from this year! Vote below and share with your friends:


  1. I like (and own) several of the pens above but most, to be honest, are really more of a variation on a theme or a just new color but the Conid Fountainbel Bulk Filler is a true breakthrough pen. Novel filling system, safe for travel, huge ink capacity, fully serviced in all seals by users, easily changed nibs, steel gold and titanium nib options, sweet ergonomics, perfect balance due to the machined Titanium, beauty grace and style. There are many wonderful pens listed here but none have the combination of features, functionality of the Conid.

  2. Without a shadow of a doubt, Conid's Fountainbel Bulkfiller Demonstrator!
    It is a pen that will revolutionize the world of pen.

  3. The only pen for three decades I found that offers the charm ( not an "envelope", - the writing experience itself) , of my vintage pens is the Conid BulkFiller. Aswell legacy as being a really contemporary pen and technologically a real step forward - the pen having been develloped over years by a single man without the big industry behind as support: my choice was simple.

  4. Other pens like the Mosquito & 360 & Bulkfiller are fantastic - though only the Beaumont has the added perk of being an easily attainable pen. The price point is still in the range that we can welcome newcomers into our fantastic hobby.

  5. Hands down, the Edison Beaumont. This is by no means, a small pen, even though it is smaller than traditional Edison pens. It is easy to fill and the continuity of ink flow allows a pretty lengthy span between refills.

    And you cannot beat the price or the stylish finish.

    I always loved the Encore, but I love this one much more.

  6. I own almost all of these pens. I find the Edison Beaumont to be the smoothest feel for my hand and for my writing strokes. I have not had any issues with skipping. It feels and moves the best for me.

  7. It's still early in the morning here in Europe but it looks like CONID's Bulkfiller made it. Congratulations to the inventor and to the crafspeople in Antwerp, Belgium who produce this formidable fountain pen.