What's your Favorite Pen & Ink Combo?

There's an endless selection when it comes to pairing your favorite fountain pen with an ink that complements the nib. It isn't a perfect science because it also depends on your writing habits as well. Are you a small, technical writer or a quick jotter of large letters? Lefty or righty? All of these (and more) make your selection of pen & ink fairly unique.

My personal favorite, so far, has been my Pelikan m215 loaded with Pelikan Turquoise. The 215 holds a tremendous amount of ink that has me writing for about a month on one tank. The smooth nib and the wet flow of the ink offers a very fine line that is hard to beat. It works great for notetaking, for writing long letters and journal entries.

But, like I said, the topic is subjective. What works for me doesn't work for everyone. It is always very interesting to know what other people are writing with, as it opens doors to new ideas for pairings that you may have never thought of.

So, what's yours?

P.S. Our next post will have some samples of different pen & ink combos on a Moleskine notebook so you can see the difference between the various nibs and ink flow quality.


  1. My favorite has to be a Pilot 78g with a broad nib, with Private Reserve Spearmint, followed up by practically any pen and PR Chocolat. I haven't found a pen yet that isn't just lovely with that ink.

  2. Application=journaling. Pilot Cavalier F pen with J Herbin Bleu Pervenche is a pleasure to write with when I can use good paper and don't have to worry about moisture. Noodler's Bad Blue Heron ink is preferable in a pocket Moleskine that can get rained on.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I just recently bought PR Chocolat for my Aunt and tried a cartridge for myself. Wonderful color. And the Noodler's Warden series was a great addition to their line of inks. I like Kingfisher as well.