Review : Cross Sentiment Scarlet Red Fountain Pen

Last year, in conjunction with the fall release of the Affinity line, Cross debuted a series of ladies pens called the Sentiment. The main feature of this Century II look-alike is the removable "heart-lock" charm that adorns the top of the clip. While a nice idea that looks pretty, it does not really hold up as an every-day writer.

As a gift for women, the Sentiment is very presentable. Each pen is sold with both a "heart-lock" charm and a "key" charm. She also has the ability to accessorize with any charm that the owner prefers from their own collection. To protect the pen from hazards that may be lurking in her pocketbook, a small draw-string pen pouch is also included as a "free" gift.

Writing with the fountain pen (a fine point was tested for this review) created a stark contrast in nib quality from the Affinity's performance. While I was simply amazed at the smooth, flowing characteristics of the Affinity nib, the Sentiment was underwhelming. I found the fine point to be a bit toothy, which isn't terrible, but the jangling of the charm against the clip every time the pen moved was extremely annoying.

The overall weight and feel of the pen seemed a bit lacking. The jangling of the charm doesn't have the bright timbre that high-density metals produce when you clang them together. Simply put, the metal appointments feel hollow and cheap. As many pen aficionados may know, the Century II style body is fairly narrow, but does offer a ribbed, black front section, which helps gripping the thinner profile. The Sentiment follows that same design, which is a plus, considering it is marketed as a woman's pen.

  • Writing Quality : Steel nib flows well, but is a bit toothy. Charm makes writing with the cap posted annoying. (grade B-)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Rich, lustrous colors with polished accents. The "feel" of the pen is a bit cheap. (grade B-)
  • Utility : Read comments above about posting the cap. Ribbed, black front section offers more grip for fingers. Screw-in converter assures a secure connection to the feed. Pouch is a nice accessory to keep the pen from accidental dings. (grade B+)
  • Price : Available in fine, medium or broad nib sizes for $100 retail ($110 for Ivory w/ gold trim), you are paying a lot for the little accessories. There are several other brands that can offer a more luxurious writing instrument for the same price level. (grade D)

Final Grade : C+
While a nice, lady-friendly design, the Cross Sentiment is all looks and hardly any substance. Aside from the clip charm being a bit cumbersome to people who want to use it daily, the price is too high considering the lacking quality and cheaper feel of the pen.


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  2. Do grown women actually collect charms? I though that fad was for the 12-13 year old crowd. It's bad enough when manufacturers think making something pink or putting a heart on it is all it takes to market to a female demographic. We want quality! Especially for $100. Thanks for posting this review. Now I know what to tell my husband NOT to give me for Valentine's Day.

    Daisy McCarty
    San Diego Office Furniture