Change to our Newsletter Giveaway

Now, everyone has another chance to win at our newsletter giveaway and you don't need to be signed up for our e-mail newsletter to get the second chance.

Currently, the way the giveaway works is that anyone who is actively subscribed to our e-mail newsletter is eligible to be chosen for the monthly prize. At the end of the month, we randomly select one of these subscribers and ask for them to contact us with their current address so we can ship the prize off to them directly. We are now giving the selected winner 30 days to claim the prize. If we are not contacted within that time, we will open up the giveaway to our Facebook and Twitter followers.

When we open the giveaway, we will ask for Likes and Tweets to get your entries. Anyone who likes, replies to our tweet or re-tweets our link to the giveaway on our blog will be entered and we will randomly select one lucky user on Twitter or Facebook to receive the prize.

We first started our Monthly Newsletter Giveaway in June of 2012, as mentioned on our blog.

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