Visconti Leads the Way in Pen World 2011 Awards

Just received our copy of the June issue of Pen World magazine with the Reader's Choice award winners. Standing out from the pack of pen-makers is the Italian brand Visconti, who was top pick on 4 out of 12 categories, including the coveted 2011 Pen of the Year for the "Golden Man."
 The Visconti Eco-Roller, available in both the Rembrandt and the new Michelangelo collection, won the "Most Incredible Value" award. This is the rollerball pen that fills like a fountain pen by ink cartridge or converter.
The Visconti Homo Sapiens took the prize for "Easy Writer." The 23kt Palladium dreamtouch nib certainly had something to do with it.
"Most Creative Use of Materials" award went to the Visconti Carbon Dream, which is a design based off of the ripple pen using high quality carbon fiber and transparent resin to create a hi-tech style that rides in the fast lane.

If you would like to see the other winners of the Pen World Reader's Choice awards, you can get a copy of the issue by subscribing to Pen World.

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