5 Pens to Recognize your Employees and Clients

As the fourth quarter, the Holiday Season and 2010 draws to a close, it is typical business etiquette to show your appreciation to those who have helped you in making this year a successful one. If you're looking for a great value pen to give as a token of your gratitude, then look no further! Goldspot has a great selection of business-appropriate pens.

Waterford Metro - Classic styling and signified quality backed by the Waterford name, the Metro is a full sized pen that is dressed for the boardroom. Handsomely presented in a glossy black gift box and priced to move at under $50 for either the twist-action ballpoint or capped rollerball.

Waterman Carene Garnet Red  - When you think classic fine writing quality, one of the first brands that usually comes to mind is Waterman. There is hardly a better value than that of the Carene pens we have on Waterman Clearance. Half-off selected styles with limited inventory.

Cross Classic Century Satin Blue Ballpoint Pen - Can't talk Corporate gifts without mentioning Cross. Always a reliable standby when it comes to choosing pens for your clients, retirees or executives, the satin blue w/ gold trim is a classy and rare pen that has been discontinued and on sale for 20% off.

Parker Urban Contemporary Finishes - Strong, architectural patterns chiseled into the metallic body of this pen give the Urban a modern, high-tech appeal. Available in metallic black or white, the Urban is moderately priced upholds Parker quality standards.

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Lacquered - For the dressed-down bosses that prefer to keep things fun and lively, the colorful and functional Bullet Space Pen is a perfect match. Under $25 each, the Bullet offers convenience, utility and personality. There are several colors available, which could match one of your company's colors. Engraving looks really sharp on any of these pens and is usually a good idea, especially if you have coworkers that like to abscond with your pens...

As always, we recommend you call our customer service line (800-963-7367) to check stock on any bulk order. Depending on the price and the quantity ordered, we can also offer quantity discounts.  At this time of year, it is especially important to give us a call right away so that delivery is guaranteed before the big office party.

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