3 Pens on My Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I've been a good little boy who likes pens. Really, really nice pens. You may have to call on your elves from Italy and Japan to help out making these.

Namiki Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Carbonesque Fountain Pen in Fine Point - The Japanese-made Pilot Vanishing point is compulsory in any fountain pen fanatics collection like a Lamy Safari or Pelikan would be. I mean, who else makes a click-top, retractable fountain pen with a gold nib and still under $200 retail? The blue carbonesque is a finish that you don't see everyday, which makes it distinctly part of this series. Convenience and the writing experience of a fountain pen - what else can a boy ask for?

Aurora Optima Auroloide Blue w/ gold trim Fountain Pen in Extra-Fine Point -This is one of those pens that would be on my "if I had the money.." or "hit the lotto" scenarios. The Optima is one of the few piston-filling fountain pens that has such a great, classic style about it. Blue and Gold is such a classy, yet underutilized color combination. The size and weight are perfect for daily writing. The large 14kt solid gold nib is also a pleasure to write with, even if you leave it inked in a desk for weeks, so I've been told.

Visconti Rembrandt Eco Roller in Blue - "Another blue pen?" remarks Santa. Yes! Blue is a staple of my collection thus far. The Eco Roller uses a rollerball front section, but fills like a fountain pen by ink cartridge or converter (included). The blue is a magnificent dark tone with plenty of variations, almost like it was painted on a canvas. The magnetic cap is truly convenient, plus I can put my initials on top of the cap with the Visconti My Pen System.

Going to need to ask for a pen case with all of these, too. Maybe next year  ;)

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  1. We must have similar taste in Pens. The only two I keep regularly in ink are the Optima (black and gold with stub nib) and yellow VP.