J. Herbin Vert Olive - July/August's "Ink of the Month"

Sometimes, our expansive selection of fountain pen inks can get a bit out-of-hand with a particular color. Similar to our "Weekly Dip" special that features an item on our website that has been selected for an extra discount for a week, we are going to feature an "Ink of the Month" that will be available at an extra discount for a month or until the herd is thinned. For the last week of July and during the month of August, we will feature the J. Herbin Vert Olive as the Goldspot Ink of the Month.

Vert Olive has a lighter, khaki green color that has is lower in saturation and shows some shading. As you can see in the above olive doodle, you can build up the color of the Vert Olive after letting it dry, creating contrast for ink sketches and drawings. Each J. Herbin bottle also has a little shelf built into the design for your pen to rest on (see below). 


  1. Beautiful drawing! I have this ink too but I think it's more suited to drawing than writing.

  2. when will again discount will be...?