Sneak Peek at the NEW Pilot Justus 95 Fountain Pen

 The new Pilot Justus 95 adjustable flex fountain pen will be hitting our existential shelves very shortly and we wanted to share our excitement for this unique fountain pen designed for the hardcore writer. The special feature of the Justus 95 is a tension adjuster to change your writing experience from a hard to a semi-flex nib style.

Easily turn the adjuster in the pen's section and find your writing "sweet spot" and vary your writing based upon the task at hand. If you are writing small, technical notes or mathematical equations, go to the firmest setting. If you are writing a thank you note or love letter, dial up the flex to obtain more line variation in each stroke.

For a demonstration, check out this YoutTube video below (in Japanese) to see the Pilot Justus 95 in action.

Excited about the Justus95 as much as we are? Pre-Order it NOW at Goldspot.com for a special first-come, first-serve price. We do have limited inventory coming in from Pilot that we expect shortly (Estimated date of arrival 9/18) and will ship your order as soon as they arrive.

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  1. First I need to know if it will have sat on the existential shelf for very long.