Noodler's Kiowa Pecan Ink Review

When you go "nuts" for fountain pens, chances are you might know Kiowa Pecan first as the lovely, warm brown color from Noodler's Ink as opposed to the sweet, easy-to-peel legume. Searching "kiowa pecan" on google will net at least one mention of the ink within the top 5 search results.

The ink behaved well in the Edison Herald it was used in. No issues with flow, which is something I periodically encounter with a Noodler's ink. The color is a lovely, rich brown that offers some shading quality. This will certainly be a brown that I will go back to again when I get into the autumn mood.


  1. This ink makes me hungry for pecans! It's a nice color too, pretty accurate for...well... pecans.

  2. This ink is simply beautiful. I hope I can try a sample in the far future after I've tested all my remaining samples.