Edison Beaumont Stealth Sold Out - Italic Nibs Now Available

As quickly and silently as they arrived on Wednesday, all of our Edison Beaumont Limited Edition Stealth Pens had flew off the shelves by the end of the day. They have all been shipped or in the process of being engraved and should arrive to their happy owners shortly.

To those that missed out on this limited edition - don't despair! We still have Edison's other collections, like the Beaumont (co-winner of Pen of the Year 2012) and the Collier (Pen of the Year 2011). To boot, you can now purchase them with these cool Italic Fountain Pen Nibs to add additional flair and character to your writing.

The pens aren't listed with the Italic nibs, but you may place an order for one of the Edison pens we have for sale and make a notation in your "Order Comments" on the form to request either the 1.1 italic or 1.5 italic nib. For pens with gold trim, we would match it with the two-tone, gold & silver nib and for pens that have silver trim, we would install the single-tone silver version.

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