Mechanical Pencils with an iPad / iPhone Stylus

Question from Malcom :
"Do you have a mechanical pencil that also has a stylus suitable for the iPad, iPhone etc?"

Although no fine writing manufacturer has made a mechanical pencil that has a capacitive touch screen stylus option, the Cross Tech 3+ is your best option, since it is a multifunctional + stylus tip pen that has two ballpoint choices to accompany a 0.5mm mechanical pencil mechanism. Write in ballpoint ink (black or red), in erasable pencil or use the capacitive stylus tip to interact with your smartphone or tablet device with ease and precision. In my humble opinion, having those other pen options make the Tech 3+ a better choice than searching for a mechanical pencil + stylus alone.

More stylus-top pens are debuting in the fine writing industry every year and it would not be a surprise to see a mechanical pencil that also has a built-in capacitive touch stylus soon. Monteverde is currently the only manufacturer to have a fountain pen that uses a stylus on the top of a fountain pen cap and ACME offers an interchangeable stylus tip and front section for their classic designer rollerball pens. As the popularity of tablets and other touch-screen devices explode, the desire for pen manufacturers to be compatible with such technology will result in a more diverse selection of writing instruments that can also work double-duty as touch-screen interactive devices.

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