In Case you Missed the 2012 LA Pen Show

We, along with most folks on the East Coast, really wish that we were just coming back from bright and sunny LA, full of pens, ink and goodies from the LA Pen Show that just ended yesterday. Unfortunately, a cross-country trip just wasn't in the cards for us this year, which is a sentiment that many pen enthusiasts are lamenting about as well.

Lets not hang our nibs in despair just yet! If you missed the show, there are a few wonderful blog posts out there that captured the penthusiasm and excitement of the weekend's show, complete with pictures of pens, pens and more pens!

Check out these links for more information on what went down at the LA Pen Show 2012:

FP Geeks - Coming to you Live at the LA Pen Show
FP Geeks - Friday Recap at the LA Pen Show
FP Geeks - Saturday Recap at the LA Pen Show
Note Booker, ESQ - My Afternoon at the LA Pen Show
Greg Minuskin -  Day One at the LA Pen Show
Edison Pens - LA was a Blast - added Feb 21st

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  1. The most complete report (by far, in terms of photos and captions) was posted on the Fountain Pen Network here:
    (you have to be a registered member to view the pics, but it's free and easy to join).

    Thanks for the links to the other websites that reported on this exciting pen show! Maybe next year I'll make it there :)