Ingenious Pen Pocket for Button Down Shirts

First of all, let me thank my lucky stars that my Mother-in-Law and I get along extremely well and that she understands me and loves me like a son. She got me this shirt for Christmas that I picked out today to wear. As a man who buys his own clothes, I was utterly flabbergasted (and slightly embarrassed) when I realized that this button down shirt just wasn't any normal button down shirt - it was a shirt built for a pen geek.

The left breast pocket, my shirt pocket of choice when it comes to carrying my pens, has a stitched separator built in especially for pens! It took me until the first time that I actually wore the shirt to work to realize that it had such a feature and I had to show everyone in the office with the wonder and amazement of a small child in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

The only downside to this nifty stitched pocket is that it can only hold pens that are on the "thinner" side. My Pelikan m215 fits snugly in the picture above, while I couldn't get the Aurora Optima to fit. Notice how the pen pocket keeps the pen held firmly against the shirt while the regular compartment of the pocket allows for the Aurora pen to sag in the pocket. The heavier the pen, the more of a problem that can be.

Like I mentioned earlier, I feel a bit naive and/or embarrassed that I've never seen such a pocket design on men's shirts before. Does anyone else have a shirt like this? If so, please feel free to exclaim over its awesomeness.


  1. Yup I have a few like that. If I may make a suggestion, you should go to Dicks Sporting Goods (or like) and look at the Columbian (brand that I like) fishing / hunting shirts. They have so many more possible pen options. Trust me on that. Enjoy

  2. Thanks, Jeff! I'll have to make a special trip sometime. I usually don't shop at Dicks, but will check it out next time I'm at the mall.

  3. Yes, they are awesome!  I have two surviving shirts like this.  TWSBI is a tight fit, but they are a great shirt.  I almost went to my wife's sewing machine and added these for my other shirts.  The pockets on these shirts are still wide enough to have room for a small Rhodia notebook in there as well.

  4. I have a green denim one that was purchased at Today's Man years ago.  I will probably wear it to the Philly Pen Show Saturday.