As Seen on Wired - Mightier than the Sword

In their "revenge" themed section of their current issue, Wired features 5 "perfect" pens. Not that these pens will help you seek vengeance. Actually, they are doing so already on the voodoo doll in the photograph (courtesy of Wired Magazine). I like the choices because they work for all tastes and budgets. They even seem to take the sentiment that I often express about the Lamy Safari.
LAMY’s indestructible Safari is a dangerous gateway fountain pen—cheap, fun, low hassle. So be warned: A taste of this rig and you could end up trading your mom’s TV for just one more cartridge of blue-black ink.
Perfect for: The fountain-pen curious.
No doubt - the Safari fountain pen has earned spots on our lists for best beginner fountain pens and pens for young writers. The Safari outsells probably any other fountain pen on Amazon.com and continues to get scores of new writers to love the fountain pen.

The only item I could disagree with is the mention about the Souveran 800 and using the words "pretentious," "verbose" and dandy." I think its a cheap shot. Sure, it's easy to make fun of people who spend that much money on a pen that will last decades whereas you can't do the same thing for someone who buys the newest techie gizmo that will be out-of-date in the next two years. Then again, this is Wired magazine we're talking about. How are we not supposed to look down at the "old-fashioned?"

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