Cross Pencils are "Switching It"

 Change is usually good. Rolling change is sometimes not such a good thing. With the introduction of their pen-to-pencil converter called the "Switch It," the AT Cross company decided to modify their lines of Cross Classic Century pencils, changing their offered lead size from 0.5mm to the 0.7mm that the Switch It refill provides.

Big Deal, Right? Well, there are some bumps on the road to this new changeover. First of all, it didn't happen right away, it was a rolling change to take effect whenever they ran out of the 0.5mm pencil inventory. We were notified of the "switch" months before the first item was ever sent. So, when we started to receive these new 0.7mm pencils, we did not realize we were getting them in since they had the same item SKU#'s as the old ones.

Leave it to our observant customers to find the difference before we got a chance to make the changes on our website! We've been working with anyone who has received the 0.7mm expecting the 0.5mm lead. In some cases, we still have the old stock, but they are rapidly depleting. If you have the same issue and have purchased the Cross pencil from our company, please contact our customer service department at 800-963-7367 or by submitting a question through our Goldspot Helpdesk.

If you are interested in buying one of the 0.5mm pencils that we still have in-stock, please call our customer service line to check stock on specific styles.


  1. I only used mechanecal pencils but I never emagine there could be this kind of pencil... ohhh I want one where could I get one?

  2. Hi there,

    You can buy any of the standard Cross ballpoint pens and then buy the "Switch it" refill separately at our link here : http://www.goldspot.com/Cross_pens/Refills/8780.html
    Then, simply switch the ballpoint refill in the pen with this pencil mechanism and voila! You are good to go, my friend!

  3. Great post, this pencil looks really interesting i'll have to look into it a little further before I purchase. Do you know of any reviews on this product? I'm a big fan of fine writing instruments so I'd like to add this to the collection!