Waterman South Sea Blue Ink Review

As used in the recent review of the Waterman Exception fountain pen, Waterman South Sea Blue is definitely one of the nicer turquoise inks that we stock. Since this is our first Waterman ink review, lets talk about the bottle and its unique shape.
The glass bottle is multi-faceted, which is a lot more accommodating to get the most ink out of the bottle in a mess-free fashion. When the ink level is low, simply tilt the bottle on one of its flat sides to create larger pools of ink that are easier to get at with your nib. The wide dimension at the base of the glass bottle ensures stability when you rest it on its side to fill your pen.

The ink itself performed very well when tested, producing smooth, clean lines without feathering or much show through on the back side of the page. It even offers some nice shading. The hue itself is a slight bit of a greener turquoise than Pelikan's Turquoise, which is another favorite of mine. The drying time is outstanding, producing very little smear even after one second. True, there are cheaper alternatives for 50mL's of ink, but for the glass bottle, fast drying time and beautiful shading, it is definitely worth the few extra dollars. Waterman bottled ink - $9.00 for 50mL at Goldspot Pens.

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