Wednesday Pen Spotlight

National Stationery Show Updates from around the web:
Goldspot got a chance to visit the show on Monday and peruse the multitudes of booths at the Javits Center. Although the pen pavilion of old has shrunk considerably, we still saw some familiar faces and got to meet several new ones. We will be carrying some new product lines in the near future, so be on the lookout!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the new product lines. And yes, the pen pavilion has definitely shrunk. I was talking to the Taccia rep at the Art Brown fair, she wasn't going to be there and she'd heard that quite a few others weren't as well. Oh well, it was definitely fun to see all the cool stuff!


  2. Thanks, dianeb. From what I heard, the costs to exhibit at the show are astronomical and many companies see the expense as a critical hit to their bottom line. It is always a good time to wander into the booths of different brands that you don't see everyday.