Pens that Contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness

October, as we all know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most companies and organizations will do their part to contribute to donating toward this social cause by donning pink uniforms, using pink in their marketing design colors and creating pink products, etc. This year, three pen manufacturers are creating noteworthy pens that also help by donating the proceeds to charity.
Parker is now offering a Pink Ribbon Jotter ($7.35 retail) that donates 10 cents of every sale to the City of Hope Breast Cancer research, treatment, and education. The Jotter is a classic ballpoint pen that is possibly one of the most recognizable pens made since the 1950's. Jotters have been created in a wide array of colors over the years and have become an affordable collectible for pen enthusiasts. The Pink Ribbon Jotter would be a nice idea to include in a donation basket for silent auction, or as a giveaway item to donors that participate in an awareness walk or as a simple "thank you" to charity volunteers.

Known for their fine crystal patterns, Waterford's fine writing arm offers the Arcadia Pink ballpoint pen ($30 retail). With each purchase of the twist-action, pink-lacquered ballpen, Goldspot will donate 10% of each sale to Breastcancer.org. Complete with a Waterford gift box, the Arcadia could be a nice raffle prize at a charity event or a special gift a charity event organizer.

While NASA takes the day off today due to the government shutdown, Fisher Space Pens is up and flying through the wild blue yonder with this Pink BCA Bullet Pen ($27 retail).  Goldspot will also be donating 10% of each sale to Breastcancer.org. Compact and convenient, the Bullet pen is supplied with Fisher's patented pressurized ballpoint ink. This Fisher Space Pen is capable of writing upside-down, under water and in harsh temperatures. It will also look great in your purse or in your organizer's pen loop.

All the marketing and advertising aside - Breast Cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers that affects our society as a whole. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed or has succumbed to breast cancer. Contribute to research and treatment in whichever way you can, whether it be participating in a walk, donating to a charity or buying a pen. The more we can invest now in trying to solve this disease, the better off we can all be in the future.

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