Preview of Visconti's Van Gogh Impressionist's Collection

This pen has me excited.

I don't say it often, but when a design like this hits my eye and comes together in a sweet package, it gets me itchy to put my hands on it. The Van Gogh isn't anything exceptionally new - the Visconti line has been around for a while and was discontinued about a year or so ago. The layered, painterly pattern of colors offer a canvas-like appearance of the finish - something that is not seen in the fine writing industry.

So, when I got the word that Visconti was reviving the Van Gogh, needless to say, I was stoked. When I saw the photos, I was in love.

Cut from the same "mold" as the new Visconti Michelangelo, the new Van Gogh also has 18 faceted sides, magnetically sealed cap and an intricately engraved cap band. Visconti pays tribute to the artist's works by creating three finishes named Starry Night (seen above), Room at Arles and The Sunflowers.

Room at Arles
The Sunflowers
As you can see with the handsome packaging, each pen is carefully crafted to mimic the painter's thick application of oil paint on canvas in each of the works. Each color will be available as a twist-action ballpoint pen, rollerball, eco-roller and fountain pen. The fountain pen is fitted with a finely engraved, polished, steel nib in fine, medium or broad sizes and uses either ink cartridge or converter to fill.

I've always wanted to have an eco-roller (or other brand equivalent of a fountain-like filling rollerball)  as part of my collection and I think this will be a great occasion to give one a shot.

Retail prices are estimated at $199 for ballpoint, $249 rollerball, $259 eco-roller, $279 fountain pen. Unveiling this September. Possible pen of the year candidate, anyone?


  1. Those are really beautiful. I don't need another pen but these definitely tempt me.

  2. I bought the Arles pen. Unbelievable. I love this pen and I could look at it as much as I write with it. Weight, colour, lines - it has it sewed up. Get yourself one before they disappear.

  3. Just got the Starry Night as a present. Never really wanted a Visconti, but it was a gift. I have to say that in real life, the color is much flatter and less vibrant. I've been looking them up all day and most of the pictures look splendid. If only the actual pen looked this way