New Introduction : Edison Pen Co. Hudson

The Edison Pen Co is a boutique manufacturer of fine fountain pens based solely out of Milan, Ohio. Brian, the expert pen craftsman, chief cook and bottle washer of Edison Pens, debuts his first mass produced line of fountain pens, called The "Hudson" - Now available at Goldspot Pens.

Prior to 2011, The Edison Pen Co developed a sterling reputation among fountain pen fanatics on Fountain Pen Network for his custom designs. Yours truly even indulged in a custom piece back in 2009 to commemorate my first Daughter's birth. To give a sense of his word-of-mouth popularity, when I was open for suggestions on a pen I should buy to celebrate my first-born, every other comment on my initial post was EDISON.

However, there is a price to pay for custom quality. Starting at $250 for a steel nib, the cost is a bit on the high side, but well worth it considering I got to hand pick (via webcam) the actual bar of acrylic that was used to make my pen. Until now, there has not been much of an option for someone to try out a steel nib Edison Pen at a lower price. Enter the Hudson.

The Hudson ($150) is available in three resin colors - black, emerald green and ruby. The black is a pull-no-punches, polished, glossy finish with a silver clip. The emerald green is a dark and moody color, shimmering a lush green luster as you turn the pen, while looking almost black in certain light. The Ruby is a brilliantly lighter version of the same resin material, becoming translucent enough to see through some of the inner workings of the pen.

The stainless steel nib fitted on each pen is engraved with the Edison Pen Co logo. Available in fine, medium or broad (and I've tried all three as you can see by my writing sample below). The writing experience with each was smooth very pleasing. The fine, to my surprise, wrote more like an extra fine and I don't see myself often going to the medium as my favorite, but for the Hudson, it is true.

Each of the pens is handsomely presented in a faux croc leatherette pen gift box that has the Edison Pen Co logo screened on the inside lid of the box. A converter is included with purchase (no cartridges), but it can be filled either by international ink cartridge or via bottled ink with converter.

For a visual comparison, I took a few pictures of the Hudson with my custom Edison Herald and my TWSBI fountain pen to give you a reference to its size and quality. Would definitely recommend that you put one in your Goldspot shopping cart today!

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